Productions for schools & nurseries

Being an experienced primary teacher, Carrie knows just how demanding school productions can be. This is where Carried Along Productions comes to the rescue.

Carrie’s productions are fun. They are easy for the children to learn and for the staff to produce.

All productions come complete with everything you need for a successful show, including:


  • The full script complete with stage directions
  • All the music scores and song words
  • CD/MP3 download with a set of demonstration tracks, the tracks to sing along to plus linking tracks for scenes changes

Great Value Productions

All Carrie’s productions are great value plus there are no additional performing licences to purchase if you are performing in a school, nursery, church group or similar setting*

All productions are available to buy in digital or physical form or a combination of the two.

You can listen to demos of the songs before you buy and purchasing is made easy and secure with our online shop. Payment can be made by Paypal, internet bank transfer (BACS) or cheque and your records will be easy to keep with our automated invoicing process.

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*If you are producing a show for a paying audience outside one of these settings, you should contact Carrie about performing rights licences.

Please also note you must not lend or sell the scripts, song booklets, song sheets or music and you may only make copies for use within your school or club without violating copyright issues.

The Lucky Reporter retells the Christmas story in a modern day context, one which the children understand clearly and enjoy performing. There is great diversity in the text and the music, meaning that we were able to tailor the play to match our requirements. A great success!

Craig McEvoy

Head of Pre-Prep Music, Belmont Community Primary School, Grantham

It was fun, enjoyable and easily accessible for all levels of musical ability