Music to singalong at home

Singalong at home

Singalong at home contains a range of simple, catchy and fun filled songs that promote bonding and help to entertain and educate babies and young children.

Easy to sing and remember these songs are perfect to sing around the house or to entertain on a long journey!

All songs have been road tested on babies and young children and have been enjoyed by many.

What makes them great…

  • Easy to learn, sing and remember
  • Excellent for bonding with babies and young children
  • Catchy and entertaining
  • Great first introduction to music
  • Educational
  • All products are available in printed or digital form

You can listen to demos of the songs before you buy and purchasing is made easy and secure with our online shop. Payment can be made by Paypal, internet bank transfer (BACS) or cheque and your records will be easy to keep with our automated invoicing process.

You can choose from a combination of physical products and digital files

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Carried Along with Music and Song

Carrie uses her songs in her weekly Carried Along with Music & Song group in Oakham, Rutland. Check out the details here and come along if you’re in the area 

 “All the songs are so simple to learn. Darcey loves to sing Hello all day long”

Nicola who looks after Darcey Collins

All the songs are so simple to learn. Darcey loves to sing ‘Say Hello’ all day long
Nicola, who looks after Darcey Collins